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Lee Carroll, November 2018

“I have worked with Rob for 6 years now, as both therapist and educator.

Rob has a clear and deep understanding of human anatomy and the myriad complex interactions and dynamics that exist between the musculoskeletal and nervous system tissues.

His insight and ability to connect it all together, to see the patient as a whole, to see the challenges, see the solutions, clearly explain it and then apply the therapy is phenomenal and palpable! Words don’t do his abilities justice.

Over the years I have been worked on by many good ‘body workers’. Rob is in a league of his own, totally on another level!

If you are a patient, I urge you to seek out his therapy, it will be life changing.

If you are a therapist, I urge you seek out his teaching. It will be transformative.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience ‘true’ tissue therapy. Rob’s knowledge needs to be passed on for the benefit of future generations.

Spread the word!"

'Rooster' Sheehan, Ironman, Ultraman, Cyclist

He's busy training right now, but there are words to come!...

Kevin Maclean, Therapist, Educator

“I've worked alongside Rob in the manual therapy industry in Australia for over 12 years. It's a pleasure to treat and teach alongside somebody whose knowledge and hands-on skills I trust without hesitation; it's much more rare in our industry than it should be. Rob and I continue to work closely together to try to improve the quality of manual therapy available to the public by sharing our expert knowledge with new generations of therapists of all modlaities."

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