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Remedial Manual Therapy
Biomechanical Alignment

Pain is an alarm to keep us safe. The work I do isn't to remove the alarm, it's to move a body into a state of ease, away from dis-ease, so the alarm isn't necessary.

Hi, I'm Rob.  I live, work and train in Brisbane, Australia.


I'm lucky enough to work with the general public relieving a vast array of complex and chronic pain issues, as well as with amateur and professional athletes guiding their bodies to maximum competitive performance.

My hands-on bodywork blends orthopedic biomechanics, soft tissue 'Structural Integration' and an essential dash of medical neuroscience.


Many patients say the work I do is more effective than any other treatment they've received... I'll explain why that might be:


Private Health Rebates Available

I am an accredited member of the Australian Association of Natural Therapists (ANTA). Dependent upon individual insurance policies, my treatments can be claimed with Private Health Insurers.

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