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  • IASI certfied Structural Integrator, Diploma Manual Therapy (Remedial Massage)

After completing initial standard qualifications to gain an in depth orthopedic knowledge, I went on to study Ida Rolf's vision of somatic Structural Integration. Fortunate enough to gain an invite to the Fascia Research Project in Ulm, Germany, in 2010, I studied alongside world luminaries of current fascia research. After completing their first ever Fascial Fitness qualification  worldwide, it became apparent that medical neuroscience was changing both fundamentally and fast. I shifted my focus to include learning an essential neurological perspective.

A Bachelors Degree and Postgraduate in Urban Planning, a career as  I.T. & T Director and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education, has created an entirely different way of applying and teaching manual bodywork.

  • BA (Hons.), Graduate Certificate of Education (Tertiary)

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